Saturday, December 6, 2008

Want to invest in Real estate?....know the options

Real estate investment is getting more popular over last few year. Here you get many options to choose for making big gains. The first thing that you will require is enough money to invest in. You must be financial sound so that you can invest in different properties. The second thing to note is the location of the property you are investing in. Its better to research before purchasing a land or home. Get information on current value of the property and also the increasing value in last 2-3 years. This will help you to get an idea about profit you can make from a particular property.

In this article I'll discuss different ways of investing in real estate.

Rent a property: Here your property is rented to a tenant. You charge a monthly rent from tenant that can be more than the cost of maintaining the property. The extra money you get after deducting all other expenses related to your property is your profit. The other expenses includes, paying the mortgage, taxes and the maintainance cost. In case of mortgage, the strategy should be patience and charge a rent only to cover the expenses until the mortgage is completely paid. Once the mortgage is paid, you became owner of the property with all rights. Though it's profitable for you to rent a property, there are many responsibilities that come along with being a landlord. Your time and work is devoted in maintaining your property or investment.

Real Estate Investment Group: If you want to rent your property but don't want to take responsibilities of a landlord, real estate investment group is the best solution here. This groups buy a set of apartment blocks or condos and then sell it to the investors. One is allowed to buy multiple units, but the company or investment group collectively manages all the units- maintainance, advertising and tenant. For this service of management they take a percentage of
the monthly rent. It is advisable to research by investing in such real estate investment groups.

Real Estate Trading: Real state trader buy and hold a property to sell it later to get a high value. A property can be hold for a short period of time or can be longer. This way of making profit is also known as flipping properties and its based on buying property either at a low cost or are in a very hot market. Generally, the property is sold as it was bought. Flippers don't actually spend money on the property to improve it. Well second type of flippers are also there. They sell the property after alteration so that it can be sold at a high cost. In this case it might take some time to make improvement.

This are few examples of real estate investment. Beside these there are several types of investment in Real estate like Real Estate Investment Trust(REIT) and leverage. It's not always that you will make profit in such investments. So the best thing to do before buying any propety is to research for the cost and benefits and make careful choices.

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