Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Getting your house ready to sell- follow few tips to attract buyers

Preparing to sell your home? Know the basic tips, how you can make your home attractive and comfortable for buyers. The very first thing you need to do is disconnect emotions for your home. I know it's not easy to do, but you need to think your home as a property, real estate. Furnish your home in such a way as it's for everyone. It's anonymous. Remove all family photos and other collection that show your personality and ownership. This is because the buyer should get a view like a potential owner. They should not feel like invading your personal property.

Remove clutters from your home, especially from the kitchen. Empty the cabinet and drawers of your kitchen. You must have seen buyers usually open the cabinets and drawer and check if there is enough space. Try to have as much empty space as possible. Clutters in home gives a negative message to buyers. Get rid of junk if your drawer is full of that. Put the clothes and shoes in a box that you wear seldom. I mean to say the extra clothes and shoes that you wear rarely and can make without it some few days. Don't have too much furniture in hall or living room. Keep only those which is required for personal need. Also place the furniture in a proper manner so that it gives and illusion of space.

Do not spend money in remodeling. Rather you can pay for some repair work and improvement. Make sure everything in the house is working properly like water pressure, the hot and cold water nobs, flush, door bell, handles, switches, fan & lights...etc. Hire cleaning crew to clean your home at a regular interval. Paint the house so that it gets a new look. If your carpet appear old and worn, hire a carpet cleaner to clean it. Replace broken floor tiles, if any. Make sure the doors and windows open easily. Also check if any windowpanes is broken. If yes, then replace it.

Now check the exterior of your house. Have a look from outside, how your home is appearing to you. If it's look faded or tired, you may consider to paint it. The lawn should be well watered, freshly edged and it's free of dirty spots.

This should be enough for giving a new look to your home. If you think of a new idea or tip that can be attractive to buyers, just implement it. All we want is to get a good price for your home.

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