Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tips for chosing a car insurance

Insuring your car is as important as insuring your life. Purchasing a car is one of the life's biggest investment one make and we must think about the security of our investments. So it's always advisable to get your car insured. In this article we will discuss about the point you should consider before purchasing insurance for your car.

1. Look for a insurance company offering the best deal. You can save a minimum percentage on the premium amount. For that you have to shop around. Compare offer policies by different company. Some policies are cheaper but then you might find a difference in cover amount. So before you purchase a policy for your car, make sure that you have chosen the best one.

2. Another thing that you may consider is no-claim bonus. It's not similar for all companies. You must check if before getting into it. Protecting no-claim bonus may cost you a bit more, that is your premium amount may go up for few dollars, however, it's very beneficial in few cases.

3. The policy should be in the name of a regular driver. However you can go ahead to add someone for few days

4. Try not to add a young driver for the policy, as in that case you may not be able to get no-claim bonus.

Though we invest in purchasing insurance for our car, but I always wish not to face such situations to get benefit of the policy. Please take a advance driver's course before you sit on the drivers seat.

Please add other points that you think of in your valuable comments.

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Michigan Insurance: Borowsky Allstate said...

Another important thing to remember is the multi policy discount. Most carriers offer a discount for insuring more than one car and a house. It is really worth it to insure everything with the same company.