Sunday, March 15, 2009

Global job crisis.

Union activists protest against rising unemployment in Sao Jose dos Campos

We all know about the present situation of global economy and job crisis all over the world. Let’s check the job crisis percentage of major countries. After 1930 Depression, United States is facing the worst economic crisis. Here are few facts:
  • In 2008 2.6 million U.S. jobs were lost.
  • Since 1980, only 5 percent wages have increased, whereas 70 percent productivity has grown up.
  • Each worker is working extra hours or second job to maintain the financial condition. Also each family is sending more members to work.
  • In the last week that ended on March 7, record says initial jobless applications increased by 9,000 to 654,000.
Now let’s check what's going on in UK. It's noted that for each vacancy advertised in UK, there are 10 job seekers. In another area of south-east, for each job 60 workers are available. This week number on unemployment expected to go beyond 2 million. In central London, there are 4,275 vacancies against almost 71,000 unemployed. The most unemployed workers are in Isle of Wight. There are almost 3,152 people going after 52 advertisements.

Job loss at Cadbury UK

Let's check Canada's report. Canada lost more than expected or can say worse than expected 83,000 jobs in February. The jobless rate is almost 2 percent high than were it was in last year. Its now stands at 7.7 percent. In last four months, there are 295,000 jobs shed by economy. Prime Minister Stephen Harper expects the number of unemployment to rise further.

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