Sunday, April 5, 2009

Credit card debt: Most American's are suffering from.

Do we use credit card positively? We our self know the answer better. There is no responsible use of credit card. Our expenses get increased with the credit card.

Credit card is a great help if we use it in a better and positive way. It's use should be for emergency purpose when you don't have cash. But now days we don't carry cash, because we have credit card. It's seen that half of our monthly income goes for credit card bill and that's not enough to stop the growing debt as every month we manage to pay the minimum payment and the bill amount remains closer to original amount. We pay interest more than that of original amount we spend, but we hardy think on that.

We don't get enough to pay the bill in full and keep paying the minimum amount and thus the credit card debt keep growing. It's same as gaining weight. You can gain it easily, but hard to lose. Then you work hard to lose your weight and in the same way you work hard to get out of credit card debt

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IBNE HANIF said...

Although, I am not an American but still i think you have done a great job by poiting towards this issue.And i think same is the case with other countries.
Thanks for writing on this topic.