Friday, June 5, 2009

What is Mortgage Loan Insurance?

You may have heard about paying mortgage insurance when one buys a new home or property. Yes, it's required to get mortgage loan insurance when you purchase a property or home and if you pay less than 20% as your down payment. You may be asked to get your mortgage insured even you pay more than 20% down payment. It's up to the lender and other risk factors that a lender may consider while financing your mortgage.

Why you need mortgage loan insurance?

Its the mortgage lender who ask you to get your mortgage insured as it protect them, in case a borrower cannot pay their mortgage, for some reason.

Is it mandatory to obtain mortgage loan insurance?

No, you may get some mortgage lender who finances your mortgage without getting a mortgage loan insurance. But in such cases the interest rates offered are too high and also there are other administration charges included.

Here is a chart showing the calculation of mortgage loan insurance premium:

I'll show an example for mortgage loan calculation to help you understand.

-> Price of the home (a) : $ 2, 00,000
-> Your 5% down payment (b) : $ 10,000
-> Rest down payment (a)-(b) = (c) : $ 1, 90,000
-> Insurance premium {2.75% of (c)} = (d) : $ 5,225
-> Total amount financed by lender (c) + (d): $ 1, 95,225

The lender who is financing your mortgage will include the mortgage loan insurance premium amount in your total mortgage amount and that you have to repay as per the mortgage loan terms.

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G said...

Is it essential by law that in the US you take insurance on the loan?

Over here ukmortgage brokers like to sell the insurance as an extra revenue stream and its not mandatory to take it.

I just wondered if it was the same in the US?

Nice blog too!!

John said...

No, in US it's not mandatory to get mortgage loan insurance. It's up to lenders to include loan insurance.