Thursday, October 29, 2009

Car Insurance Quotes and Your Driving History

Many people compare insurance prices before they purchase a motor vehicle or when the insurance rates go up. While a rise in the prices is a good reason, shopping for car insurance should be on everyone’s list. In order to guarantee that you always get the best possible car insurance price, compare car insurance quotes from leading Canadian insurers.

Part of your automobile insurance premium is determined by the type of car which you drive, thus don’t forget to calculate the cost of the insurance when choosing a new car. You will pay less for insurance if the car that you buy has less chances of being stolen (think of anti theft systems), and if repairs cost less after an accident compared to other makes and models. Generally cheaper cars cost less to insure, while more expensive cars cost more.

When you change your address, premiums will probably change because the insurance rates vary by place. If you’re lucky, it could mean you will pay less, while for others it could mean more.

If you had a ticket or an accident it will affect your premium since automobile insurance is determined by your driving history and bad or careless history spells high rates. If you obtain a ticket or have an accident, expect to pay more than you’re paying now. The best thing to do is to compare rates, as you will probably be astonished by the rates available and the money you can save.

Lower Car Insurance Rates by Improving Your Driving History

You can improve your driving history, and lower monthly premiums. While your driving history won’t improve right away, and accidents along with tickets will continue to be factored into the premium, companies might offer better rates as soon as you have improvement. You must notify the of the change, or simply compare auto insurance using online services.

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