Friday, February 26, 2010

Real Estate & Tele Marketing

Telephone marketing or Tele Marketing is a very common and easy way of marketing a product know a days. Every day new and cost effective method of marketing is being invented and implemented. When it comes real estate it is actually a tried and true staple of marketing. But the "good old days" are gone. Learn the DNC (Do-Not-Call) Registry Rules and abide by them, or you may pay dearly.

DNC Procedures and Training should be developed and enforced properly.

This is becoming a need of the time to now about the various laws coming and being enforced know a day for marketing a product especially the DND rules i.e. the Do Not Disturb. It is therefore very much necessary that broker should get proper training on this and get a proper understanding of this and training the agents accordingly. It's highly likely that the government will hold brokers responsible for the telephone marketing practices of their agents. Develop a Policy Manual with clear guidelines and training, or at least an orientation that makes the rules clear to your agents. Record their attendance with a signature of understanding.

Relying on the Safe Harbor Provisions can be dangerous.

The procedures and training are specifically mentioned in the Safe Harbor Provisions of the DNC act. However, recent enforcement actions have shown that the government is very strictly interpreting what is allowed to be an "inadvertent error".

The only safe approach is to have a strict policy, train your agents on it, and enforce it.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Debt Management Services

It's quite a tough job to find a right debt management company that suits your needs. There are many debt management companies, can be found on net. Before going ahead for this service, check the terms and condition of the company and be sure that you are comfortable with that.

What you understand by Debt Management

Debt management service acts as a bridge between you and your creditors. They obtain a consolidated payment of your various debts from you and pay your creditors on your behalf. They get a certain percentage of your monthly payment from your creditors, as a commission.

Debt management service is not suitable for everyone who is in debt. It's generally help with unsecured debts, like credit cards. For those who have secured debt, as car loan or personal loan, will not get more benefit from debt management.

How to choose a best Debt Management Service provider.

It is very important to search for a service provider as per your needs, before you sign up for debt management. First step is to think what type of help you want. It differs in case of student, businessman or an individual. Whatever, the situation of your debt may be, there are lots of companies to help you out.

For students, government provides consolidation loan with lower monthly payment. For businessman also there are many companies that help you to protect your assets and reduce you monthly payments. And there are hundreds of companies for individual to help with their debt. All you need to do is, decide what kind of help you want and then search for a debt management company that offers the services that you need.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Life Insurance- Need for it

Life is very uncertain and death is the most certain part of everyone’s life. We all are working hard to strive a standard and secured living. What happens if the sole earning member may be you or me die then who will bear the financial burden suddenly? Life never stops for anyone and despite of various precautionary measures and planning any happening can ruin a family. Insurance by definition itself suggest that it is an instrument of risk management means minimizing the risk of losses arising due to the happening of certain event, like death. Life insurance is a basic necessity nowadays to secure someone’s living throughout his life and after his or her death to his nominees to some extents. We can question our self’s, that when we have a chance to plan and secure our future, then why to stay in dark about what will happen next day. The insurance come with a very certain answer. There is thousands of Insurance Company’s public and private working towards a common goal towards securing the financial need of individuals. We can choose form the various options as per the needs and premium suitable for us. It is also very close to investments since certain insurance gives us tax benefits and some allow us to earn a lot along with insuring our lives and other components. The credit for upbringing and popularizing the insurance sector mainly goes to the private insurance players. In the recent decades the insurance sector has grown tremendously may be with the chances of increasing risks in all spheres of life.