Friday, August 20, 2010

Debt Elimination Is Only Part Of The Debt Free Process

Congratulations are in order if you have embarked on a debt elimination program. Whether you have chosen debt settlement, debt consolidation or a pay down plan, its is an important first step towards being debt free. It is only the beginning and these debt elimination programs play an important role in allowing you to get a new start financially. They will either help you eliminate debt totally or bring down to a level were you can manage it and continue to pare it down until it is gone and your financially free of it chains and debt free.

Nonetheless, as important as the debt elimination program is, more is required. It will do you no good if you continue your old habits and start accumulating debt once again. The process of debt elimination is therefore not only involves getting out of debt but learning new financial skills that will help you be debt free for the rest of your life.

A little debt is not a totally bad and helps you maintain lines of credit and your credit score. However, most individuals that seek debt elimination programs did not just have a little debt. Sure, there are those circumstances were unforeseen circumstances such as a job loss or illness forced some into the debt difficulties. But the underlying debt problem existed regardless.

During and after the process of debt elimination is over its important to learn to manage our money and live within our means. A good habit to form is to prepare a monthly budget that includes all our income and expenses and both monitor its effectiveness and stick to it.

Our debt problems are learned behaviors that arose either from those near us or just society as whole. The good news is that any learned behavior can be modified and new one put in its place.

To many the harshness of the situation that they are going through as a result of their current debt difficulties will be enough to make them change their spindrift ways. Other will have to work a little harder to modify their credit card mentality, but hopefully the unpleasant order deal that they went or are going through will help them do so.

The first step is the most important and that is to make a commitment to being debt free and start a debt elimination program. Being a debt free is not an easy process sometimes, but the reward of financial freedom and peace of mind are well worth it.

Once again I congratulate you on your decision to be debt free. I’m confident you will succeed.

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