Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Possible Solutions to Tampa Tax Problem

IRS tax debt is one of the tax problems that the citizens of Tampa have no escape from, if they are unable to pay tax due to some or other reason. The unpaid tax amount gets accumulated till it is not paid and gradually develops into a debt. There are solutions to this Tampa tax problem. The suitability of the solutions varies from one to the other. Which one to go with is up to you and your financial status.

The IRS officers offer chances for a fresh start to the tax payers of Tampa. The tax payers are required to pay an offer amount that is calculated in keeping with their inability to pay the outstanding tax. The IRS officers will take into account your present financial situation and the equity value of your assets. The offer amount can save you a large chunk of the tax along with interest and penalties.

Another solution to the Tampa tax problem can be termed as currently not collectible. Under specific temporary circumstances, some taxpayers of Tampa find it difficult to keep up with their IRS liability and pay taxes. Serious illness and layoff are among the situations that leave them unable to afford paying tax. Get yourself listed in the list of currently not collectible to avoid penalties and interest.

Installment agreements or payment plans are looked upon as a solution to the Tampa tax problem that the residents of Tampa suffer from. A number of factors are there to help determine if an installment agreement is suitable for the tax resolution cases.

Taxes are not discharged in bankruptcy. Three factors are there to help determine if unpaid taxes are to be discharged in bankruptcy. There are more than 150 various kinds of penalties to apply in case of the taxpayers who fail to pay their share of tax. These solutions apart, annuity of minimum is also considerable as a solution to the tax debt problem in Tampa.

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