Monday, November 21, 2011

Ensure Yourself a Beautiful Retirement Home

The Baby Boomer generation is not leaving the workplace any time soon because of an unstable retirement system that has been put in place. The generation that was looking towards an entitlement program like Social Security to get themselves through their golden years fell victim to faulty 401k's and a housing bubble that left everyone unsure about planning for retirement.

The citizens of Greece and Italy decided to pack it in early and set up their retirement homes all at the same time. According to ABC Melbourne, the new governments elected are raising taxes and slashing entitlement programs en masse. Citizens are rioting across the country in protest of these new decisions. While this is happening in Greece, we are facing the same problem in the US with the Occupy movement.

A recent report by Ameriprise Financial found that Americans aged 40-75 are more anxious and worried about retirement plans than ever before. Even if you have been working hard all of your life, have a double income household, and a little bit of a nest-egg saved up for yourself, the chances of living a comfortable retirement in your dream home are becoming more grim.

Real estate prices in Florida, Arizona, and any coastal tropical climate are going to be more expensive than anything that is inland. If you want to find a good place to retire with a warm climate, you should look towards other areas that share a temperate climate. If you travel up the east coast from Florida, the Carolinas and Tennessee offer excellent and scenic locations to retire without the steep real-estate prices.

An excellent way to set up a guaranteed retirement property is to purchase a property lot in your 40's near a lake or other body of water. Instead of moving to a planned retirement community, you will have more freedom and a sense of ownership in what you have built for yourself. You can start by purchasing an old, dilapidated property you will have the chance to make it into something beautiful.

By learning about house restoration from sties like HGTV, hiring a personal contractor, and encompassing some clever landscaping tricks, you can turn a tiny house next to the lake into an expansive property where you can cherish your spring, summer, and fall. By building a fireplace, you can also have a cozy cottage perfect for the cold of winter.

Planning for retirement is a lot harder now than it has ever been for Americans. Just because you work hard all of your life doesn't mean you can sit back on Social Security and your employer's pension for the rest of your life. By carefully planning things out and getting financial advice you can start to set up your retirement plans now.

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