Monday, May 28, 2012

Getting a VA mortgage loan refinamce

U.S and Veteran Military member can refinance their home loans that insured by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Refinancing helps to get the interested rate redunced as well as monthly payments for their mortgage loan

Qualification for refinance loan

1. Homeowners should be making the monthly payment on regular basis. To ge a rate reduction VA mortgage refinance, homeowner should refinacne another VA insured loan. 

2. Howeowners also need to pay a fees for VA refinance loan and that fees is 0.5 percent of the new loan amount. This fees can be pain in advance as well as can be adjusted to monthly payments.

3. Borrowers need to get certify with the Department of Veterans Affairs if they they already occupy their new home or will occupy later. Well, for getting VA loan refinance, homeowner should be certify that they already occupied the home.

4. Borrower should alwals check if they are getting a lower interest rate from the current mortgage loan. However, one may not get a lower rate if refinancing an adjustable-rate mortgage VA loan to a fixed-rate version.